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My Gulag Life and In the Trenches

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My Gulag Life: Stories of a Soviet Prisoner Rough-hewn and unpretentious in his Russian cap and bushy white beard, Reb Mendel Futerfas was a legend in his own time. He endured eight years in the Soviet Gulag and a seventeen-year separation from his family--punishment for his work in Chabadís clandestine network. Released from the Soviet Union in 1963, he would eventually rebuild his life as a mentor in Israel, where he drew on his experiences to inspire a new generation of Chasidim. Interweaving Reb Mendel's moving stories and biographical sketches, My Gulag Life offers a nuanced portrait of an iconic Chasid.

In the Trenches: Stories from the Frontlines of Jewish Life Join Rabbi Michoel and Rebbetzin Naama Oishie on a journey through Romania, Israel, and finally Kaluga, a small city in the Former Soviet Union, where the couple has devoted their lives to rebuilding a once-thriving Jewish community. In lyrical, evocative prose, they reflect on their challenges, look back at their own roots, and offer glimpses of a vibrant Jewish future built on the ashes of communism.
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